All The Things You Should & Shouldn't Do With Your Lash Extensions


Lashes - a beauty trend that we, women, can't live without! However, not all of us are well aware of lash extensions, as well as the power that they have. If you want to know all about them, as well as the pros & cons regarding them, this is the article for you! Here are the top 10 rules which you should know about if you want to have a long-lasting pair.

Top 5 Steps Which You Should Always Do With Your Lash Extensions

1. Comb them through

The moment you wake up and just as you are about to fall asleep you should comb your extensions. They will look the best if you comb them through with a small wand or a brow spoolie. By doing this you are actually removing any unwanted chunks and gunks from them, and are also separating them. This will prolong their lifespan, but will also give them a nice push-up effect in the morning.

2. Get them refilled

Once about 40-50% of your lashes fall out you should refill them. They can look pretty weird and uneven once they shed. However, this is a natural and unavoidable process. You will have to refill them around the third week, and you will end up with a luscious and fresh outcome each and every time you get the refill.

3. Wear them on their own

No reason to apply heavy mascaras, fake lashes, or lash curlers on top of your extensions. Lash extensions are very beautiful on their own, as well as voluminous. They can also look extremely beautiful without any shadows or winged liners, which makes them the perfect everyday choice.

4. Wear them to the gym

Your lash extensions are waterproof and sweatproof, meaning that you can freely wear them to the gym. You can exercise while having them on and not worry a thing about smudged or smeared mascara looks. You will end up with a flawless and long-lasting solution for both night-time and everyday practical wear.

5. Wash them

Wash your lashes with just some water at the end of the day. Your lashes are connected and glued-on with some high-quality glue. It is vital for you not to break this bond, and rather use some water to wash them and to remove particles of your makeup that got stuck in between.

Top 5 Steps Which You Mustn't Do With Lash Extensions

1. Don't play with them

You shouldn't twist, tug and pull onto your extensions. By doing so you are actually weakening the glue. Although ripping one wonky lash can be so satisfying and easy to do, you should stay away from this movement because you will regret it later on.

2. Don't sleep on them

Sleeping on your belly as well as with you sleeping mask is a big no-no. Lash extensions are very fragile, meaning that they can rip apart in your sleep. You should try to sleep on your back as much as possible since it is good for their maintenance, but also for your spine! 

PS: Also try to sleep on satin sheets since these are not as rough as other materials. Satin sheets are also amazing for your skin & hair.

3. Don't apply mascara

Mascara is very hard to apply on top of your lash extensions, and it is very harsh thanks to its ingredients. This means that it can easily pull your lashes out. It is best that you use no products on top since they can feel too heavy, and they can ruin your new pair of lashes.

4. Don't use alcohol or oil-based makeup products

Alcohol can dry out your lashes in a matter of moments. This means that it can also dry out your skin & brows. Avoid it if you don't want your glue to become weak. Also, avoid oil-based products such as makeup removers. These will soften your lash band and will rip your extensions in a matter of seconds.

5. Don't expose them to high heat

Although lash extensions are very sturdy and they can survive almost anything, they are still not that good when exposed to high heat. Yes, you can wear them in the shower. Yes, you can work out with them. You can even wear them to the pool or to the beach! However, keep them away from the sun, tanning, as well as saunas or tan beds. These surroundings can melt your glue and leave you with an ugly gap.

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