How Smartphones Can Help Manage Your Health


Having a smartphone opens the door to the world of apps. These fully developed software programs can take up a small amount of space on your device, but give you access to professional weight loss systems, heart rate detection, motivational coaches, and calorie tracking.

Health is a lot more than what you eat, and it is not strange for health conditions appear in us all after time. Very few of us are experts, but with the right app, you can have the advice of many experts right in your pocket.

Taking care of your health is an important step in staying strong for years to come, but it is hard to stick to strict diets, or lifestyle changes. Using custom software development services professionals have created easy-to-handle apps that will help drive your health. You can begin handling common conditions from a convenient app on a phone, that you already have on you.

Here are some of the conditions that can be managed through your smartphone. Twenty-five million Canadians have access to a smartphone. With most owning one, this health evaluation software becomes easily attainable.

Fitness Tracking Watches

Watches that track your health are in style for a reason- they work with all sorts of add-on, wearable tech and other pairing devices to track everything even more closely. With fitness trackers the biggest step is often actually logging all of your activity, but with these devices, much of it is done for you.

Fitness trackers can give you real time data and show you where you are struggling or predict where your health is heading. Doctors have praised these apps for making their patients more aware of their current health status. This way, users are able to go to the doctor and handle problems before they become more severe. Common health problems such as low blood sugar, heart attacks, kidney disease, and even certain types of cancer have been thwarted thanks to fitness tracking apps allowing the patient to keep an eye on their health.

Know Your Heart Rate

All fitness smart tech will also have body tracking systems. These can monitor your heart rate on the go so know, in real time, if your heart rate is rising unfavorably. Detecting a change in our heart rate, or even blood sugar levels, can help give early detection to heart diseases, or give time to inform others of a heart attack.

Mind Diseases (Alzheimers, Dementia, etc)

Mental health is a big topic in today's scientific space, and taking time to work out your mind daily can give a decreased likelihood of developing mind disorders like dementia.

One of the ways apps are combating dementia is not only through memory related games, but directional navigation.

Losing your 'sense of direction' is one of the earliest signs of dementia and can leave patients terrified of what is to come. Simple games and exercises designed to do so, can help combat the progression of memory or cognitive diseases such as alzheimers.

Through users, these programs are also working towards discovering the small micro-signs of dementia and learning better ways to fight, or prevent it, through the data. This is not simply about prolonging diagnosis, but even the regression of the disease. By participating in these apps, users suffering from these diseases can even help doctors and scientists gather information that will help fight these problems for others in the future.

Weight Management and Diabetes

Log all of your stats from the doctor onto an app to track the relationship between your diet to your glucose levels, insulin amounts, etc. Being able to efficiently count calories and understand what they are being affected by can lead to better weight management. Becoming in control of your weight is a step in actively fighting type 2 diabetes.

Many weight management apps track your diet and can even give suggestions of food that works best for the goals your shooting for. This can be a life saver for those with diabetes because different foods will have their own ratings and values logged right on the app.

Breathing Diseases (Asthma)

Asthma can pop up unexpectedly, and knowing you have an app that will warn you and others before the attacks fully begins- can make living with the disease easier. Cardio is always a risk for those with asthma but with a tracker at your side you can ensure you won't suffer an attack. Those who have not been diagnosed with asthma will even still benefit from certain apps that will notice when your breathing is quite right.

Emergency Calls

You do not have to be middle-aged to be in health-related emergencies. Emergencies can happen to anyone at anytime and apps have been designed to help those suffering get the help they need as fast as possible.

There is a 911 speed dialing feature available on smart devices. When working on the Apple system iOS, you can change the exact procedure for emergency calls in the Settings section. This is a simple way to customize your emergency experience by informing paramedics quickly, what is necessary or even dangerous for your particular medical condition.

Feeling like you can do nothing about your health conditions is daunting, but this can be lessened with today's smart technology. Keeping your health under control from the comfort of your pockets gives a sense of security. Technology like smartphones are not just meant for cute dog photos, this tech has the capability of making everyone's life easier, providing the information and help you need right when you need it.

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