The Reasons Why you Need to Break These Mobile Habits


When you use your phone as often as you do, you're bound to pick up a few bad habits. If you're worried your behavior in front of the screen may be holding you back from reaching your full smartphone potential, check that you aren't committing these heinous mobile acts.

Bad habit: Taking your phone to bed
Why you should stop: Although you may love scrolling through IG or watching YouTube before you fall asleep, your phone doesn't make the best bedmate. The bright backlighting of your screen disrupts your sleep, tricking your brain into thinking it isn't as late as it is. As a result, you can end up staying up later than you intend - even long after you've put your phone away.

Most health professionals suggest setting aside your phone as much as one hour before you want to fall asleep. This much time away from the screen gives your body time to unwind, giving you a better chance of falling asleep without issues.

Bad habit: Not using protection
Why you should stop: If you've upgraded to the latest iPhone or Pixel, chances are you dropped serious cash on your new handset. Even older models or "modestly priced" devices can end up costing you hundreds of dollars. Why would you drop all that money on a phone you use recklessly?

How can we categorize a little bit of texting or mobile browsing as reckless? Any time you use your handset without protection, you risk dropping it or scratching it against sharp and rough surfaces. There's also the pesky issue of grime as you leave fingerprints behind with every touch.

With the help of Android or iPhone skins, you can make these problems a thing of the past. The best skins use texturized 3M vinyl to increase the grip of these handheld devices and protect them from cosmetic damages, including scuffs and grime.

If you're looking for a totally unique Pixel skin or iPhone skin, make sure you see this. You can find exclusive textures like black matrix, black marble and a ton of other designs online.

Bad habit: Ignoring updates
Why you should stop: Updates can be annoying. They take a lot of time, and they may change significant things about the way your UI looks or how the smartphone operates. These are a couple of reasons why people postpone updates for as long as possible.

If you're like these change-adverse people, you'll want to reconsider how you manage your phone. In many cases, these upgrades aren't gratuitous or redundant changes to your UI but necessary security patches fixing bugs and other issues. They often repair vulnerable parts of your software to prevent malware, bloatware, or other issues from exposing your data without your consent.

Bad habit: Texting and driving
Why you should stop: If you don't yet know why this is a bad idea, then it's time to listen up. Texting and driving at the same time is one of the most dangerous things you can do behind the wheel. It doesn't matter how experienced you are on the road, or how good you think you are at driving - reading and responding to texts distracts you from other drivers. All it takes is two seconds of inattention to increase your risk of an accident by 24 times.

Distracted driving is responsible for nearly 25 percent of all roadside fatalities in the US. Texting and driving specifically leads to 3,000 deaths each year, and more than 300,00 injuries.

No text, phone call or notification that your phone has started to download the latest update for Instagram is worth your or anyone else's life.

If you find your phone hard to ignore, try putting your handset out of reach while you're behind the wheel. The glove compartment or back seat is just awkward enough that you won't try to check your phone while you're driving.

Whether it's texting in car or browsing in bed, bad mobile habits can have a profound effect on your life. Whatever it is that you're doing wrong, make sure you put a stop to the worst of it. Simply cutting these bad habits from your life can improve it - tenfold!

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