Plan a New Year's Clutter Clean-up


Spring is the traditional time for a big clean, but there is a lot to be said for a New Year's Clean-Up. With this new year on its way, it feels appropriate to get one's house in order along with reflecting on the past and considering the future. With things getting a little messy over the holidays and having some extra time off, it might feel a bit necessary, too. Plus, won't it feel refreshing to wake up to a clean place on New Year's Day?

Start by putting all your holiday decorations away with care. You'll be extremely glad you did next year. Wrap breakable ornaments up and coil your Christmas lights, using clips or ties to help keep them together yet untangled. Put them away in their designated spot with clear labels once packed to avoid leaving boxes or crates kicking around. Stack the lightest things on top, and don't stack too much weight on boxes with fragile contents.

Things get busy over the holidays with shopping for food, drinks, gifts and party favours; planning and preparing for events; attending various parties; hosting family and friends at your home, and so on! It's natural for clutter to build up. While getting rid of the excess holiday mess, it's most efficient to deal with everything that could be thrown away, recycled, sold, and donated.

Go through your home, room-by-room, and sort through your things according to what you'll keep, what can be recycled/tossed, what can be sold, and what can be given away. Be sure to follow the proper rules for recycling in your area.

If you come across unused jewellery, precious metals and gems, coins, antiques made with real gold, silver, or platinum, high-end watches or purses you don't want or need, you can visit Pinto Cash for Gold  and make a profit on selling these excess items and heirlooms. First, make sure to check with everyone in your home that it's okay and they're not still using them. Professional brokers will valuate your items using current market prices and instantly give you cash for gold and other materials. Not a bad reward for a house cleaning!

It's helpful to donate clothing, non-perishable items, and other useful household items to charities and shelters that are specifically requesting them. Consider giving warm winter clothes to a non-profit benefitting the homeless instead of a local retailer.

Once the excess and clutter has been dealt with, you can finally move onto cleaning. If you have a helpful family around, divide up the tasks. Move from top to bottom, starting with tasks like dusting and cleaning anything high up, wiping down counters and appliances, and eventually ending with vacuuming and mopping the floors last.

Breaking up the work into smaller sessions might work best if you have a large job. It will be more efficient to get it all done at once, so reserve a few-hour window. Reward yourself and any helpers with some leftover holiday treats or take-out from your favorite place. When the clock strikes twelve on New Year's Eve, you'll feel totally satisfied you accomplished this!

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