'Cake' Star Jennifer Aniston Calls Fiancé Justin Theroux Her 'Beautiful Equalizer,' Thinks She And 'The Leftovers' Actor Are 'Just So Uninteresting' That's Why Rumors About Them Continue To Circulate

Jennifer Aniston recently said that she is more comfortable in her own skin at this point of her life than she has been before, and that better confidence is partly coming from the balance that her fiancé Justin Theroux is giving her.

"Everything I've learned, life's wonderful gifts, roadblocks, joys, ups, downs, everything is just - it's true, youth is wasted on the young. There's no doubt about it," Aniston, 45, told Access Hollywood at the "Horrible Bosses 2" junket in Los Angeles Sunday, Nov. 9. "I look at all of my girlfriends and friends, and I think we're all becoming more and more in our bodies."

When asked if she feels more confident now than ever, the Golden Globe-winning actress answered: "Yeah, for sure. 100 percent."

Aniston explained that the boost in her confidence was partly due to the fact that she has been able to balance the professional and personal aspects of her life, something that Theroux helped her to achieve.

"He is a beautiful equalizer," the actress said of the "Leftovers" actor. "He's a really beautiful, wonderful partner. He's quite special."

Though Aniston and Theroux announced their engagement back in August 2012, a new report by British magazine Grazia implied that the couple still has no plans to marry any time soon.  

"Justin's been caught out referring to Jen as his 'girlfriend' or 'partner' rather than his fiancée, which has led some in their circles to wonder whether a wedding will ever materialize," a source told British magazine Grazia, as quoted by The Independent.

"With Jen and Justin both being evasive about the specifics - even to those close to them - it's natural for people to question what's going on. They both insist that they are committed to getting married, but it's beginning to sound increasingly hollow," added the source.

But Aniston seems to be not bothered by rumors about their relationship. "I think we're just so uninteresting, we don't do anything, that there's no real narrative other than that to sort of slap onto us," the actress told Access Hollywood of false stories about him and Theroux. "Then, once we do [marry], then it's gonna be -well, it [already] is the babies. I mean, it's comical!"

The couple hit the red carpet together at the 2014 Governors Awards in Hollywood Saturday, Nov. 8, and an onlooker told Us Weekly that they were "extremely affectionate" with one another even inside the awards show.

"Justin stared at her lovingly as she posed by herself," an onlooker said. "You could tell he is very in awe of her."

Inside the awards show, a second eyewitness told the publication: "[Aniston]would lay her head on his shoulder while the different honorees were speaking onstage and put her arms around him. He also was holding her hand at the table, and I saw him lean over and kiss her a couple of times."

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