'Elementary' Star Ophelia Lovibond And EP John Polson Talk Sherlock's New Protégé Kitty Winter

New character Kitty (Ophelia Lovibond) was introduced as Sherlock's (Jonny Lee Miller) new protégé in the Season 3 premiere of "Elementary." But after the second episode was aired, several questions about her past start to surface, like does she have ulterior motives for working with the super sleuth?

While Lovibond refused to answer that question during a recent interview with TV Fanatic, she did say that Kitty's backstory will unfold as the season goes. "You definitely learn about who Kitty is and what she's doing there and where she's come from," the 28-year-old British actress. "And you learn a lot more about her backstory. It gives you insight into why she behaves the way she does, why she reacts to Joan the way she does.

"But things happen that are unforeseen, so she kind of reacts to them in the moment as well," she added. "You have to keep watching."

After the Season 3 premiere of the CBS crime drama series was screened at New York Comic Con last month, executive producer John Polson said that Kitty was inspired by a minor-but-interesting character featured in the Sherlock story "The Adventure of the Illustrious Client," Mashable reported.

"Kitty came about because Rob [Doherty] (series' creator and executive producer) was rereading the original Sherlock Holmes story where she's introduced," fellow executive producer John Polson told TV Fanatic. "We really wanted to introduce a third wheel, if you will, into this relationship and see what happened, especially given what happened at the end of [season] two where there was clearly a separation there. So it's really doing our best to come up with the next story and something that works."

Lovibond said that she read the original Sherlock story to know more about her role. "I did read the original story because when even before I auditioned I was on the phone with Rob and he said it's from an original story," said the actress, who recently starred in "Guardians of the Galaxy." "And like John was saying, she's not a huge character in that story."

"She kind of enables the story to happen but I did read it and there are definitely elements of her that they've kept that she's described in that story as having a very fiery volatile nature. And though being small, being very forthright," she added. "And I thought, yeah, that's me. It was what really appealed to me as soon as I read it."

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Doherty said that Sherlock's decision to train Kitty is a "little insulting" for Joan (Lucy Liu). "[Sherlock's notion] that it wasn't his partnership with Joan that was special, it was just the fact that he had a partner [at all], is a little insulting," he said. "When Sherlock says something like that, it's one of the rare occasions that he's not right."

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