Google’s Inbox to Make Emailing More Fun and Less of a Hassle for Users

Google made an announcement Wednesday about their new application, Inbox, which is designed to make it easier for users to access their emails and organize their day-to-day activities, The Register reported.

"We get more email now than ever," Sundar Pichai, Google's senior vice-president of Android, Chrome and apps, posted on Google's official blog. "Important information is buried inside messages and our most important tasks can slip through the cracks - especially when we're working on our phones."

Inbox seeks to prevent losing important information as it groups incoming emails into themes and topics for the user's easier perusal. It also shows the first line of the message so that users do not need to rely on the email subject line, which sometimes does not help in figuring out the contents and relevance of the emails.

The email is displayed similar to a Facebook newsfeed, Huffington Post has learned. Inbox pulls out the information it thinks is relevant to the user and makes it easier and quicker for the user to swipe and scroll their way through dozens of messages.

Google's blog post also listed down some of the other new features that could be expected from the new Inbox.

Inbox automatically highlights key information in emails, such as flight itineraries, event details, photos and documents. Reminds, Assist and Snooze are also available, allowing users to set their priorities and let Inbox become a centralized place to help them keep track of what they need to do everyday.

Inbox is a 36MB app designed for Android, iPhone and Google Chrome, and the chance to try it out is limited to by invitation-only at the moment.

Google sent out their first round of invitations Wednesday but they encourage users to email them and possibly get an invitation of their own once more become available.

Interested parties may email the Google team through for a chance to receive an invitation and try out the app.

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