Rihanna's RiRi Hearts MAC Fall Collection
Rihanna debuted her RiRi Hearts MAC Fall 2013 Collection at MAC stores on Thursday. Click through the above slideshow for peeks at all the colorful products!
Rihanna Shares "Pour It Up" Music Video Photos on Instagram
Rihanna had an intentional nip slip while filming her "Pour It Up" video. The "Stay" singer flashed her cleavage in a see-through mesh bodysuit and donned a Marilyn Monroe wig for her new music video.
Summer 2013: The Many Hair Looks of Rihanna
The summer has flown by! By weekend's end it will be officially fall. Why must the warmer months leave us as soon as they arrived? But if anyone made the most of their summer 2013, it was Rihanna. Every other week, and sometimes even days, RiRi was serving a totally different style and all new hair....
Rihanna Debuts New RiRi Hearts Fall 2013 MAC Cosmetics Makeup Ad
Rihanna just debuted her first hot ad for her RiRi Hearts MAC Cosmetics Fall collection on Instagram.
Love it or Leave It: Rihanna's Blue Lipstick
Rihanna is feeling blue! The singer rocked some cool blue lipstick at her Rihanna for River Island Spring/Summer 2014 collection launch in London on Tuesday.
Try The Trend: Metal Nails
They've adorned the fingertips of Beyonce and Rihanna and now rapper/ singer MIA is the latest star to wear H&H Metal Nails. In the video for her new single Bring The Noize, MIA wears a bold set of gold jaguar nails from the brand's extensive range of creative adornments. Designed by Holly Silius...
Rihanna Rocks A Mullet: Love It Or Leave It?
So another hairdo has appeared upon Rihanna's ever-changing crown. And this time, RiRi is serving up a classic, although always controversial style.
Love It or Leave It: Rihanna's Short Curly Black Hair
Attention Beauty World Newsers: Rihanna has gone cropped and short! (again)
Rihanna Debuts New Sexy, Skin Baring Rogue Fragrance Ad
Rihanna just debuted an oh-so-fierce ad for her Rogue fragrance. Going grey just wasn't enough this week huh, RiRi?
Love It or Leave It: Rihanna's Gray Hair
Beauty World News Alert: Rihanna has fifty streaks of grey!
Rihanna Introduces New 'Rogue' Fall Fragrance
Rihanna recently debuted her new fall fragrance, "Rogue." Already googling where you can get your bottle? Sorry beauty junkies, you'll have to wait until September.
Rihanna River Island Autumn 2013 Collection Available Sept. 12, WATCH DWT Pop Concert Tour Performer Preview Chic, Colorful Designs
After a successful summer collection, Rihanna gave a first look at her Autumn 2013 River Island collection to fans on Tuesday. The collection arrives in select River Island stores globally and online on Sept. 12.
Red, White, & BLUE! 3 Tips On How to Rock Blue Lipstick
Love It or Leave It opinions aside, you definitely have to confidence to wear this eye-popping shade! Blue lipstick may be out there compare to other lip colors, but this cooler than cool makeup swatch is gaining a serious fan base.
Bad Haircut Fix: How to Deal and What to Do [VIDEO]
It will happen to you at one point in your life or another, what am I talking about you ask? A bad haircut!
Rihanna Launches New MAC Summer 2013 Collection
Liven up your summer with pop music's ultimate bad girl.
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