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Shop Flip Flops: How To Choose The Best Flip-Flops For The Health Of Your Feet
Ladies, flip-flop season is upon us, but unfortunately these airy styles can be the culprit of foot and body pains from stubbed toes to joint misalignment. So you can enjoy this beloved footwear favorite, free of foot pain and problems, Australian podiatrist and founder of Vionic with Orthaheel ...
Women are Turning to Doctor-Fish Pedicures
Women are treating themselves to a super-popular beauty treatment that sounds fishy across the globe. Any guesses? Well, this service involves swarms of tiny sea creatures swimming around your feet!
Out Now: Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Foot Transformation Sets
Clarisonic recently introduced new Pedi Sonic Foot Transformation sets. Click through the slideshow to get a closer look at each product in the kit!
Kitchen Cabinet Foot Care: DIY Pedi and Footbath Treatments
When feet aren't ready to come out of the winter socks and shoes, and there's no time to run to the salon, a simple at home foot soak will always do the trick. And forget buying clinical formulas and treatments from the drug store. A look into your kitchen cabinet and a few items from your fridge ...
Lindsey Vonn Tiger Woods: Skier Vows to be back for Sochi, 2014 Winter Olympic Games. Won't discuss Woods.
Is Vonn still with Woods after crash or has he moved on to try and win back ex-wife Elin Nordegen one last time?


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