Alexa Chung 2014 Instagram: Nails Inc. Names TV Personality as New Face! Model and Author's New Line to Launch in August

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Alexa Chung - Instagram/Nails Inc.
Nails Inc.'s Instagram revealed that Alexa Chung is their new 2014 brand ambassador!(Photo : Instagram/Nails Inc.)

Alexa Chung is the new 2014 face for Nails Inc.! The brand revealed the huge news on their Instagram page on Tuesday.

We are so excited to hear this news about Chung, who had debuted a great and fantastic beauty range with Eyeko a few months ago.

"We are thrilled to launch @chungalexa as the new face of Nails inc! Watch out for this exciting collaboration...," read a post on Nails Inc.'s Instagram page.

Nails inc Founder, Thea Green sat down with Chung to talk Fall and Winter 2014 nail trends at a press event on Tuesday. And from the photos, we guess that Chung spilled a lot of secrets to Green.

"Hands on. My @nailsinc range launches in August. 6 new texture based shades. #canyoufeelit?@stevenssteph," wrote the brunette TV personality on her Instagram account. 

The brand even gave a sneak peek of their Autumn/Winter 2014 collection on Instagram, too.

The multitasking model and author has proven that she is a makeup and beauty expert. Chung, who has a fashion line, is so busy these days that many wonder how she keeps her makeup so natural-looking and flawless. Well, the fashionista is into low maintenance, long-wearing cosmetics like her Eyeko kit.

"I'd rather look like s*** than worry about [my cat eye,"] said Alexa to Hollywood Life a few months ago.

The makeup maven, who was appointed as Eyeko's creative director, prefers liquid eyeliner over a kohl pencil. Why, you ask?

''[I like it] just for the effect," said the businesswoman to Contact Music when she launced her Eyeko collection in December. "If you use kohl for a cat eye it smudges and moves around. A liquid will stay in a more graphic shape and you can do more illustrations with it. Kohl in my mind is more for underneath the eye and getting a smokier effect.''

But Alexa doesn't worry much about applying her makeup.

"I have a fear of like, poking your eye out if you do it, 'cause I've tried to do it in the back of cars before, I've been like 'Oh this doesn't seem like a good idea...,' said the TV personality to Fashionista. "No, you know what, if I've forgotten or haven't had time to put makeup on, I'll just go with it and be like, here's the deal."

Chung continued, "I'm not scared of looking gross on a day to day basis. And even when I'm wearing it, I'm really tomboyish in my approach to beauty in the sense that once it's on, I kind of forget about it."

What do you think of Nails Inc. choosing Chung? Do you like the brand's upcoming range after checking out the sneak peek?

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