Gigi Hadid Cody Simpson's Girlfriend NAKED: Yolanda Foster's Twitter and Instagram Loving Daughter Bares All in New PHOTOS [DETAILS NOW]

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Gigi Hadid - Twitter/Gigi Hadid
Yolanda Foster's daughter, Gigi Hadid went nude for a new magazine spread while still dating Cody Simpson and posting about her life on Instagram in 2014.(Photo : Twitter/Gigi Hadid)

Gigi Hadid has turned into a nude model, with Yolanda Foster's daughter baring it all for a new 2014 VMan magazine spread. The Twitter and Instagram lover took it all off in new photos at only age 18. 

Cody Simpson's girlfriend, who hangs with Ireland Baldwin, had left California for college in New York City. And with it, she is showing all of her skin to the world.

The blonde Sports Illustrated model posed in the buff for VMan's April issue, illustrating the "innocence of leaving home to explore life on her own in the Big Apple," according to the New York Daily News

It seems that Hadid is trying to get from under her reality TV star mom's shadow to make a name for herself. She is showing off her journey to adulthood in the "East of Eden" photo shoot. The teenage maodel posed in seductive shots on a train from California to New York City.

She didn't go full frontal, but does show her backside and behind while covering her cleavage in the photos. And her long blonde wavy hair falls down her back while she showed off her green eyes, too. 

But what is the meaning behind the "East of Eden" theme?

"The transcontinental train ride remains a romantic symbol of innocence shed and the spirit of discovery," stated the magazine while describing the provocative photo shoot. "Gigi Hadid, model of the moment, departs Beverly Hills for the borough of Manhattan in a quest to discover herself and become a bona fide fashion model."

It seems that NYC has really inspired Hadid, and she wanted to show her fans that she has made her dreams come true.

"The big city has really been a place where I feel like all my dreams are at my fingertips," said the rising fashionista to the magazine. "If I work hard enough, I hope to accomplish as many of my goals as possible here."

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