'Basketball Wives LA' Season 3 2014 PREMIERE RECAP [WATCH SUPERTRAILER NOW:] New Cast Member Brittish Williams Calls Draya Michele the "H" Word

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Draya Michele "Basketball Wives LA" - Facebook/Basketball Wives L.A.
"Basketball Wives LA" premiered its third season on VH1 on Monday night, bringing the drama!(Photo : Facebook/Basketball Wives L.A.)
'Basketball Wives La' - Facebook/Basketball Wives L.A.
"Basketball Wives LA" brought the drama in their first episode with the new cast members getting loud and pulling out their claws. (Photo : Facebook/Basketball Wives L.A.)

"Basketball Wives LA" started its season 3 with a bang on VH1 on Monday night. The first few minutes brought news that Draya Michele is finally settling down with an athlete, Orlando Scandrick.

Yes, the video model had a candid coversation with Malaysia Pargo (Jannero Pargo's wife) about getting engaged and if her man would cheat.

"If I catch him cheating...that beautiful's just going to be a pile of ashes when I'm done."

After Draya caught up with Malaysia about cheating, viewers were introduced to Brittish Williams, fiance of Turkish League forward, Lorenzo Gordon. The shocking news here? Williams had no problem admitting that her man had a weakness for the ladies.

"He still dibs and dabs [cheats,] but as long as I don't know about it, we good," said the already outspoken Williams, who is new to the cast. "As long as he is doing a good job of hiding it [cheating,] I don't care."

Meanwhile, it seems like Draya and Jackie Christie have made up and are trying to make their friendship work. Since Draya is "openly bisexual," Jackie wanted to ask her to support her effort to raise money for GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.)

Elsewhere, viewers met Brandi Maxiell, wife of Jason Maxiell. On a more serious note, we learn that she has ovarian cancer and has moved to Los Angeles to get medical help with having another child. But Mrs. Maxiell may not be an innocent as she seems, calling out new cast member Sundy Carter about her public dispute and controversy with her teenage daughter.

The audience is also introduced to Ariane Williams, ex of DeShawn Stevenson. It seems that the ex has a problem with Draya, who had a fling with her man six years ago. The two have a heated exchange of words before Williams refers to Draya as the "H" word. But the model is quick to defend herself.

"I am the same thing that everybody sitting here was before they got their ring," said Draya.

The next episode of "Basketball Wives LA" airs on VH1 on Monday night at 8 p.m. Watch the supertrailer and tell us what you thought of this week's episode below!     



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