'Love & Hip Hop' Season 4 REUNION PART 2 RECAP 2014: Amina Buddafly Pulls Out Positive Pregnancy Test From Bra! Peter Gunz Cries and Saigon Goes on a Women-Hating Rant

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'Love & Hip Hop' - Twitter/Love & Hip Hop
"Love & Hip Hop" season 4 reunion part 2 was drama-filled and explosive, with Amina revealing that she is pregnant with Peter Gunz' baby! (Photo : Twitter/Love & Hip Hop)

The "Love & Hip Hop" season 4 reunion part two brought the explosive drama! Within the first nine minutes, the biggest shocker came out and left the audience speechless. And tears started rolling.

Yes, Amina Buddafly pulled a pregnancy test out of her bra and gave it to her husband, Peter Gunz on national television. 

"Unlike your baby mother, I did not take a planned B," said the newly blonde singer. "Ain't nothing fake about that."

But just how did Gunz respond? 

Well, the rapper-turned-reality TV star was flabbergasted, to say the least. He quickly left the stage, coming back out to only talk to Tara (Amina was asked to exit the stage.) Can you believe that? 

Amina had just realized that she can't be with Gunz and now she is carrying his child. And the singer had found out that the "Uptown Baby" lyricist never would have married her if he knew Tara still had romantic feelings for him. But Gunz didn't want to speak with her, instead seeking solace in his ex, Tara. Gunz publicly apologized to the mother of his two children while Tara couldn't help but feel sorry for Amina.

Afterward, Tahiry and Rasheeda took the stage, where they continued to argue about their failed friendship. And when Joe Budden chimed in to defend Tahiry, Rasheeda had a vicious threat to throw his way.

"I got somebody for your a**," said the blonde and orange-haired reality TV star. "I ain't Consequence. I will end you."

Next up was Erica Jean and Saigon, who went at each other's throats about their son. At one point, it looked like Mo'Nique had to play referee between the two shouting and disgruntled parents. Saigon went on a rant about how he dislikes women and his baby mothers.

"I don't give a f*** about these women," said the rapper, "because they use a baby as a pawn."

Though Saigon was disrespectful and had a funky attitude, he did acknowledge that he's trying to be a great father. But he and Erica couldn't see eye to eye, and continued to argue backstage.

Erica Mena made a unbelievable confession that she's not in love with Rich Dollaz. But of course, the audience and Cyn Santana disagreed with Ms. Mena.

 On a lighter note, however, Mo'Nique did a little rap for the audience. 

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