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Taylor Swift Instagram: WATCH VIDEO of Harry Styles' Ex Singing With Cara Delevingne and Ed Sheeran at an U.S. Ambassador's House

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Taylor Swift Cara Delevingne Ed Sheeran - Twitter
Taylor Swift posted a new Instagram video of herself and friends, Ed Sheeran and Cara Delevingne singing at one of the U.S. Ambassador's houses. (Photo : Twitter)

Taylor Swift just posted a new singing video on Instagram. But this time, the "I Know You Were Trouble" singer was joined by her best friend, Ed Sheeran and Cara Delevingne

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And the three met up at one of the U.S. Ambassador's houses for the music session captured in a new clip posted on Thursday evening. It's unclear whose specific house that the singer and her famous friends were hanging out,  but Harry Styles' ex was very excited to share the news with fans. 

"Me, Ed, Cara," tweeted Swift. "Singing songs in the U.S. Ambassador's house. What is life."

Sheeran starts singing the song while playing his guitar. Then, Swift and the bushy-browed fashion "It" girl began singing along. Though the clip is just a couple of seconds, viewers can see that the friends were feeling the song.

At one point, the blonde award-winning performer puts her hands up as if she is really connecting to the track.

Swift didn't post the name of the single, but the three sound very good on the track. And the clip has won more than 61,000 likes so far.

But the video is just the latest event in the long list of hang outs between Delevingne and the "Red" singer. The two ladies had posed for some backstage photos at the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show a few months ago.

And the blonde songbird has also publicly said that Sheeran is one of her best friends. She loves to take photos and perform with the redheaded crooner, who she was even romantically linked to last year. 

Check out the video HERE and tell us what you think with a note below!     

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