'Single Ladies' Season 3, Episode 5 RECAP 2014: David and April Enjoy Office Sex, Raquel and Terrance Have Their First Big Fight and Malcolm Has More Legal Drama

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"Single Ladies" - Facebook/VH1's Single Ladies
The latest "Single Ladies" season 3 episode featured April and David having office sex, Terrance and Raquel's first fight and Malcolm getting into more legal drama.(Photo : Facebook/ VH1's Single Ladies )

The latest episode of "Single Ladies" season three had its fair share of cute and funny moments. But it had some serious moments, with Raquel and Terrance getting into their first big fight.

And while things heated about between the business partners as well as April and David, things also got hot under the collar for Malcolm.

It looks like Naomi has ordered blackmail! After learning that Mr. Franks has her wedding photo thanks to Keisha's loose lips, the new vixen to the show admitted to finding evidence about Malcolm's jewelry business being dirty.

Yes, Naomi claimed to have proof of Franks Jewelry being involved in money laundering, causing a raid on Malcolm's office of all his financial documents. She's playing dirty or too dirty?

Naomi plans on using the evidence to get Malcolm to give her a share of the company. And as Mr. Franks and Keisha moved into a new apartment, they didn't have much time to enjoy it before Naomi made her chess move.

Meanwhile, Malcolm's younger brother was clashing with Raquel in planning their "Cut" jewelry launch and photo shoot. Having very different ideas about "statement pieces," the young partner butted heads a bit (but had that strong chemistry and attraction for each other.) 

After Raquel has lunch with David to arrange a music artist to perform at their launch, Terrance is very upset that she didn't include him. And their first fight happens, but doesn't get really nasty.

But before the partners make up, David and April are back to their rivalry. April tries to exclude her sexy co-worker from taking lead in helping Raquel and Terrance with the Cut launch, but the pushy music manager shows up to the party anyway. In fact, he tries to flirt with Raquel during a business lunch to make April jealous (just as we predicted last week!)

But Raquel is too smart for David's tricks, but on the other hand, April is putty in David's hands. After taking her new guy to lunch to spy on David and Raquel at lunch, the blonde runs into bad luck. Her date is arrested for stealing celebrity memorablia, and April finds her way back into David's spell.  And this time, their clothes come off and they are in the office.

And did we mention Raquel sees the dirty, yet sexy deed go down?

Elsewhere, Omar is dealing with family drama over his sister, Presley and her homophobic fiance. When Omar's nephew gets suspended from school for bullying, Presley re-evaluates her pending marriage to her man. And she ends up calling off the engagement and admitting to being wrong all along about picking her man over her brother. And Omar and his sister mend fences.

By the end, Raquel and Terrance make up, too. The two partners hash out their differences over wine, and brainstorm their brilliant idea for their photo shoot. And there's also a long, too-close-for-comfort hug between the two.

Are you counting down the episodes until the "Cut" collaborators give into their feelings? Tell us whether your tuning in next Monday at 9 p.m. on VH1 with a note below!      

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