Celebrity Beauty Secrets: Olympic Ski Champion Lindsey Vonn


The 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi are just around the corner! All of our favorite female athletes will be competing and commentating, including one of the best to ever hit the slopes, American World Cup Winner, Lindsey Vonn. Almost as equally famous as this star, is Lindsey's signature blonde hair! Just how does the skiing beauty keep her tresses in such tip-top shape? We've got all the secrets to the Olympic star's hair care secrets, courtesy of her Lindsey's hairstylist and Clairol Color Director, James Corbett.

So James tell us, what's the secret to truly healthy blonde hair?

Blonde hair is a very popular color in the salon! Whether I'm advising my clients or sharing my tips with at-home hair color users on how to maintain healthy-looking blonde hair, I always recommend deep weekly conditioning. The conditioner does wonders for your hair, keeping it soft, shiny and well hydrated.

How does Lindsey keep her tresses in such great shape in the face of the brutal skiing elements she faces every day? 

While helmets aren't the most glamorous headware, they most certainly cover your hair and protect from the elements, including strong winds and frigid air on the slopes. Don't ever step outside into the cold temps with wet hair, even if it's covered up!

Lindsey's hair is almost as famous as her!  What makes her blonde stand out from so many other famous stars?

Sassy not brassy!  Lindsey's color is the right shade of blonde for her skin tone.  We have worked hard to keep the gold around her neck and not on her head.  If your color is not right, it can affect everything from your skin color, not getting your COVERGIRL makeup to look right (Lindsey loves LashBlast Volume Waterproof mascara) and even your clothing choices.  Lindsey looks best when her hair is a cool, pale blonde with dimension. Her strength, determination and poise makes the color look even better!  She is an inspiration. 

What are some tips to keep in mind when it comes to highlighting?

Highlighting is such an easy way to add some pop to your hair color all-year round. Whether highlighting at home or at the salon, do some research - read magazines, visit your favorite beauty blogs, snap a photo of a friend that embodies the look you're going for. Photos are great to bring along to your salon visits. For women in the hair color aisle - having a visual handy will help in finding the right product for your desired look...and then of course, follow the instructions!

How easy is it to achieve the color we crave on our own? What are the tops do's and don'ts?

- Do check the visuals on the back of the box (not the front!) for what your results will truly look like so you know you're getting the right shade.

- Do follow the instructions, I always recommend a strand test prior to applying all-over so you know what results to expect (and love!).

- Don't just go for the latest hair color "trend" - always go for what complements your skin tone and personality.

- Don't overexpose your hair color to the elements. Wear a hat in the winter to protect against the cold air and wind, rinse hair after a swim in the pool during the summer so the chlorine doesn't hang out (a cute floppy beach hat helps shield from the sun's rays too!)

Any additional tips and tricks?

Follow my tips above and you'll have great results. Find the color that's right for you, not anyone else and take care of your hair. It needs TLC just like you do!

Thanks James!

What hair color compliments you best? Let us know with a note below!

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