Gabrielle Union Love, Relationship: 'Being Mary Jane' Star Farts in Front of Future Husband, Dwayne Wade Amid Mom, Baby and Pregnant Rumors?

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Gabrielle Union - Twitter
Gabrielle Union revealed that she is still happy with her relationship. The "Being Mary Jane" star admitted to farting in front of her future husband, Dwayne Wade amid mom, baby and pregnant rumors.(Photo : Twitter)

Gabrielle Union is still in love and has a happy relationship with future husband, Dwayne Wade amid mom, baby and pregnant rumors. The "Being Mary Jane" star admitted that she farts in front of Wade.

On Tuesday, the 41-year-old actress made the shocking confession that her Miami Heat fiance knows about all her bathroom habits on E!'s late night talk show, "Chelsea Lately." 

The future Mrs. Wade talked about how open she is with her NBA love. Union was anything but shy and guarded about handling number one and two.

"So you have a lot of sex on your TV show," said the show's funny host, Chelsea Handler, referring to her BET show. "You're naked, you're on the toilet a lot...I like that because I think if you're going to be with somebody for longterm you should just get that out of the way right away."

Union's response to Handler's commentary, you ask?

"From jump, from jump," replied Union. "There's none of that 'I don't fart; I don't poop,'" said the actress. "I have a high-fiber diet. You're gonna...This is happening. We're doing this from jump. I'm gonna be in the [bathroom."]

The starlet had more to get off her chest about relieving herself. In fact, she joked and had fun telling her dirty little secrets.

"I get this," said Union, pointing to her engagment ring," and then later I'm like, 'Oh, by the way, I go three times a day and I leave the door open. And I don't light a match."

The BET drama starlet had joked about passing gas in the past. She joked with a group of paparazzi about farting in front of them and that more people should be able to do so in public.

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