'Single Ladies' Season 3 2014: LisaRaye, Denise Vasi and Cast Continue to Heat Things Up During Episode 3, Raquel and Terrance Form Partnership and More

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 Single Ladies - Facebook/VH1's Single Ladies
Single Ladies's season 3 is heating up, with Denise Vasi's forming a partnership with Terrance during episode 3. (Photo : Facebook/VH1's Single Ladies)

"Single Ladies" stars LisaRaye, Denise Vasi and the rest of the cast heated things up on the latest season 3 episode! 

The biggest story to have come out during the show was Raquel and Terrance forming a business partnership. Did  you see that curveball coming? 

Sure, the show's previews hinted and teased that something romantic will happen between Ms. Lancaster and Malcolm's tough-as-nails younger brother. But a jewelry collaboration was far from what a lot of us thought about the characters.

After Raquel got shot down by another investor on her quest to save her "Indulgence" boutique, she ran into Terrance while trying to get into her car to leave a restaurant. Now, we are starting to see a softer side of Mr. Franks, who comes to Raquel's rescue when she can't manage to open the door to her vehicle.

After some slick talking to a valet, Terrance saves Vasi's character and gets her back into her car in no sweat. And while doing so, both realize that they are drawn to each other.

But Malcolm's formerly estranged brother leaves behind a special package - his newly designed jewelry line - on Raquel's car trunk.

When Terrance finally meets up with the beauty to get his jewels back, she questions and compliments him on his designs. The self-described tough guy takes her to see the place that inspired his accessories before the two decide to team up. By the end, they are signing a contract for Raquel to be the exclusive retailer for his jewelry.

Meanwhile, Keisha does some snooping and questions Naomi about if she really married Malcolm's dad. The two women avoid coming to blows, but take verbal shots at each other.

Malcolm is still angry about the Naomi's challenge to his father's will. He finds a way to put his late father's alleged new wife on adminstrative leave. And the ending scene shows him while burning the wedding photo that Keisha found of Noami and his dad.

April is still caught in a sexy little competition at work with David, played by Damien Dante Wayans. This time around, the LeToya Luckett-played Felicia challenged the two music managers to sign Keke Palmer. And after a playful chase and cat-and-mouse-game, April ends up landing the contract.

And the blonde also shares a little steamy victory scene with Wayans' character.

Omar runs into his estranged sister - played by La La Vasquez - while on a date. After running out of a club to escape talking to his sister, she visits Raquel's boutique to talk to him. But he knows that she's chosen her fiance over her brother in a sad scene.

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