Miss Korea 2013 Plastic Surgery GIF Proves Contestants Went Under the Knife for Extensive Nose and Eye Cosmetic Procedures [PHOTOS]

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Following the Miss Korea 2013 competition it became notably clear that the country has mastered the art of perfecting plastic surgery.

According to Elephant Journal, many Korean women get the exact same plastic surgeries done and the surgeons the perform the procedures often follow the same formulas for noses, eyes, fillers, eye surgery, nose surgery, jaw reduction, breast job, calf muscle job, fat grafting, cheek and forehead implants.

When it came to the recent Miss Korea pageant contestants it was clear that each one of them had nose and eye surgery.

The faces of the young girl looked nearly identical and with the help of heavy makeup the contestants looked plastic.

According to the site, in certain areas of Seoul many of the women look as if they are sisters because they have had the same surgeries.

Apparently not even Koreans can tell the surgically altered women apart ether, the individuals who choose to go under the knife are often referred to as "Samsung Robots."

Although not all Korean woman can afford to have expensive surgery because the trend has become so popular many men ask for old pictures of the woman they are interest in before getting serious with.

Check out the photos of the Miss Korea contestants by clicking HERE and let us know do you think they have taken plastic surgery too far.

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