Benedict Cumberbatch Girlfriend Helped Him Love America, 'Star Wars' Actor Shows Off Funny Side and Talks Awkward Wanda Ventham Moments [VIDEO]

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Although he has been nominated for both Golden Globe and Bafta awards, Benedict Cumberbatch managed to remind us that he is also a funny man at heart.

The actor appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show where he read lyrics from one of R Kelly's songs with a straight face. 

Some of the lyrics read were, "I can feel your body flowers, while I'm kissing on your thighs."

[Check out the video below for Benedict Cumberbatch's full reading of the sensual lyrics]

According to the Daily Mail, during the interview, the "Sherlock" actor recalled some awkward conversations he had had in the past with people who were fond of his mother, British actress Wanda Ventham, who starred in "UFO" and "Asylum," 

He explained, "I've been trapped in an elevator with men who say, 'I really used to like your mum. She's hot.' I mean, what can I say? Do I say 'No she's not?' because that's so insulting to my mum."

The actor who currently lives in London, admitted that America has a special place in his heart.

He admitted, "I came out here to promote a film about four or five years ago, and I kinda loved it.

"I came out for a week's holiday with my girlfriend at the time and I sort of came out the airport and turned into a complete English cliché. I got a Mustang convertible, stayed at a hotel on the strip and would drive around like 'Yeah, this is cool.'"

Check out his funny video below.

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