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'Game of Thrones' Season 4 Spoilers: As Premiere Date Nears Did Cast Member Jack Gleeson Preview King Joffrey's Death? 'Batman' Actor Ready to Retire as He Struggles to Deal with the 'Reality' of Fame

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Will the "Game of Thrones" season 4 see the death of King Joffrey? Well, the way the actor who plays the sadistic royal is feeling his character might be killed off sooner rather than later.

According to the New York Daily News, the 21-year-old Irish actor, who plays the wicked young king may have provided us with the biggest spoiler of the upcoming season as he is now reevaluating his current position in life.

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During a rare interview at Dublin's RTE studio for "The Saturday Night Show" actor Jack Gleeson, better known to fans as King Joffrey revealed that he may quit acting. But he revealed it would be after the show is done.

The star explained, "I have wanted to become an actor and it's just the last few years I've started to change my mind about it, so I'm liable to change it again."

He continued, "It was a recreation beforehand and when I started doing 'Game of Thrones' there was, I wouldn't say pressure, but perhaps the reality became too real for me."

Fans may have noticed that since the show became a worldwide hit Jack Glesson has kept his distance from the red carpet and has occupied his spare time with studying philosophy and theology at Dublin's Trinity College.

Unlike his character the actor has no desire to dabble in the fame game and he is actually squeamish about the darkness surrounding the show and refrains from watching "Game of Thrones."

His costar confirmed his softer side. Back in March Natalie Dormer said, "He couldn't be further on the end of the spectrum of his character."

She added, "Jack is the most sensitive, erudite, kind sensitive, quiet guy you could meet."

Despite his success Gleeson is still uneasy about staying in the entertainment industry.  He admitted, "I feel slightly ungrateful because I'm in a position that, as you said, a lot of people would like to be in, but I guess I'll just have to be ungrateful for the time being."

What are your thoughts on Jack Gleeson's feelings towards fame? Let us know in the comment section below.

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