Katy Perry 'Prism' Singer 2013: 'Roar' Performer Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction [PHOTO] Skirts Flys Up While Performing in Sydney Australia

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Katy Perry, the "Prism" singer, suffered a wardrobe malfunction recently. The "Roar" performer's skirt flew up while performing in Sydney, Australia.

According to Hollywood Life, the songstress' backside made an unexpected appearance when her underwear were revealed on Tuesday.

Though John Mayer's girlfriend delivered a great performance of "Roar" on the Australian news show, "Rise," her fashion mishap may have been very embarassing. The singer showed off way more than she wanted after she turned around onstage and her skirt rode up. 

Perry, in a white crop top, skirt and booties, luckily had on a white undergarment that covered up her assets, reported HL. 

[For the photo, click HERE.]

Though the malfunction came out of nowhere, Perry didn't seem to notice. She continued to perform in heels, and looked amazing, reported the celebrity news site.

"It was quite impressive to see the star jump rope without missing a beat - in heels!," said HL's Katrina Mitzeliotis. "Even though her skirt couldn't keep up with her, she still delivered a stellar performance - and she looked great while doing so! I actually have to commend Katy for being properly prepared for the malfunction. Her white briefs matched her outfit and completely covered her bum - and they're exactly the types of briefs professional dancers and cheerleaders wear under their skirts!."

With the mishap, the singer also showed off her toned body, reported HL.

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