Kylie Jenner 2013: Blonde Instagram Lover, Jaden Smith Enjoy Another Date [PHOTO] Rumored Couple Hold Hands and Run From Cameras

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Kylie Jenner, the newly blonde Instagram lover, and Jaden Smith enjoyed another date together in 2013. The rumored couple held hands and ran from cameras. 

According to US Weekly, the reality TV star, 16, and Smith, 15, showed they are young and in love at a movie theater in Calabasas, Calif. on Monday.

KimKourtney and Khloe Kardashian's younger sister held on tight to the "After Earth" star, who led her into the venue. Jenner looked very happy to be with Smith.

The twosome were trying to sneak away from the paparazzi, but were still photographed together. It appears the pair, who have reportedly been together for seven months, were seeing a movie with Jenner's family.

While the movie's name is unknown, we do know the teenagers joined Bruce and Brody Jenner during the night out. And Kylie Jenner left the theater in some of Smith's clothes, reported US.

The teen beauty and Justin Bieber's friend began dating in March. The twosome were best friends for a long time before becoming an item.

But both young stars have yet to address their relationship in the media, according to reports.

Kendall Jenner's younger sibling has spent a lot of time with Smith over the last several months. They celebrated Jenner's sweet 16 birthday in style together at a big bash at Los Angeles' AT&T Center in mid-August.

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