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YouTube Beauty Video Post: Celebrity Makeup Artist Robert Jones' Dramatic Deep-Set Eyes

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Robert Jones, Selena Gomez' Celebrity makeup artist before and after dramatic deep set eyes on a model
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Robert Jones, Selena Gomez' makeup artist, gives us some great tips on dramatic, deep-set eyes. We're liking the after look a lot!(Photo : Facebook)

Beauty junkies, are you looking to get your hands on some more makeup secrets? Celebrity makeup artist extraordinaire Robert Jones has some great tips on creating dramatic, deep-set eyes this week. 

It's all about stepping out from the beauty pack and being different. Start with concealing any dark spots on your eyelids, but keep the lid light to bring out the eye's natural beauty, Jones tells us. Awesome beauty trick!

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Then, set your lids with powder. It's a great way to offset the concealer for an already lush layered look. Apply a light color shadow on the lid to make your eyes pop for an extra beauty boost. 

Make sure to go back over the highlighted shade with more powder. Jones loves mixing a shimmer and matte shade for a more opaque finish. 

And ladies, drawn out eyelashes and mascara are a key part of this look, so get to curling and applying. Drama is a good thing when it comes to this look.

For more on perfecting a face with covetable chic eyes, check out the how-to. Tell us how your are primpering your peepers tonight in the comments section below!  


Get the Most Popular Beauty World News Stories in a Weekly Newsletter
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