Selena Gomez Come and Get It: Teaches Dance [VIDEO,] Gets Mad that Justin Bieber Hangs With Miley Cyrus?

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Selena Gomez is enjoying her single life, co-hosting MuchMusic's New.Music.Live show and teaching kids how to do her "Come and Get It" dance while in Canada on Thursday.

According to SugarScape, the brunette singer is promoting her new single everywhere, jet-setting with the best of them. She entertained the masses, then dropped some dish on everything from her new album, "Stars Dance" to what's going on with The Scene. 

"I was able to take a year off of music and really be able to experience things and grow and learn," she said. "I definitely went through a lot and I wanted to apply that to this album...I wanted it to be a bit more about me and the experiences that I had had."

But in reading between the lines, could that "went through a lot" bit apply to her on-and-off again relationship with Justin Bieber?

The "Spring Breakers" actress reportedly is now angry that her ex-beau got a visit from Miley Cyrus at his home recently, according to Disney Dreaming. We know that Cyrus and Biebs are friends and collaboraters so naturally they do hang.

But a source told Disney that the twosome had a past short-lived fling, and hanging out now could spell a hook-up with both Cyrus now reportedly being single or on the rocks with Liam Hemsworth.

Tell us what you think and check out Gomez getting down and spilling the beans in the MuchMusic clip below!


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