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'Now You See Me:' Critics Give Bad Reviews, Say Movie Has 'Nothing Up Its Sleeves'

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Several news outlets wrote off the caper mystery thriller, "Now You See Me," with one source saying it promises more than it actually delivers on screen.  

The movie lives up to its opening line, "the closer you look, the less you see," according to Vulture. They call it a "grandioso, far-fetched and somewhat tongue-in-cheek caper thriller" that "doesn't stand up well to scrutiny."

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Apparently, it has no real "magic" though it focuses on an over-qualifiied, star-studded cast of renegade magicians.

Directed by Louis Leterrier and boosting an A-List cast including Woody Harrelson, Morgan Freeman, Jesse Eisenberg, Michael Caine, Dave Franco and Isla Fisher, the film shows how a band of people can use parlor tricks and illusions to commit Robin Hood-type crimes and gain popularity.

After a mysterious figure in a hoodie visited the tricksters, they join up together and take their magic show to Las Vegas as a ruse for robbing banks to steal from the poor to give to the rich. 

And they are not shy about it, showering audience members with the stolen cash.

Obviously, it is not long until the Feds get wind of this money freefall and come running. Agents, played by Mark Ruffalo and Melanie Laurent jump on their trail. But, of course, the magicians have plenty of tricks up their sleeves to evade arrest, and like every other thriller, have several ulterior motives.

The film's storyline is a double edged sword, bringing lots of imagination and creativity, but failing to properly explain its high-octane trickery and giving "choppy" editing, summed up Vulture. 

As gathered in a report on Hollywood Gossip, the reviews of the "cat-and-mouse" game film between the F.B.I and the illusionists are overwhelmingly negative.

Detroit News agreed with Vulture, also saying it was "fun to watch and that the pace never lagged." 

TV Guide said the end did not justify the means, which are rampant misdirections in this case.

And The Los Angeles Times reported that the film just "doesn't deliver" thought it has a stellar cast performances.

But there was a somewhat positive review amongst the bunch from the Washington Post. They said the "outrageous setup more than suffices, and the film gets a lift from offbeat characters."

Tell us whether you will see the film - out now - below!


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