Sarah Hyland Bares Her Kidney Transplant Scars On Instagram


Sarah Hyland is not afraid to show her kidney transplant scars, just a recent move which proves just how much she's keeping everything real and open.

The Modern Family actress celebrated her Fourth of July under the sun wearing a black and white bikini, which she shared on social media. While her selfies showed her fit bod, Hyland chose to shed light on her battle scars, which she proudly and openly discussed through Instagram Stories.

She accompanied her photo with #ScarsOnDisplay, which highlighted the scars from her 2012 kidney transplant operation. Hyland has been open and vocal about her sufferings from kidney dysplasia, a condition where the organ doesn't develop properly.

Hyland's being confident with her kidney transplant scars could be helpful to those who are experiencing the same thing. She's a well-known actress and her influence is vast, and showing just how she's proud of these can inspire other people to embrace theirs as well.

That's not the only thing she's being honest about. The 27-year-old candidly asked on Instagram about a remedy to hair fall, which she said she experiences due to post-surgery medications. Just like any person asking for help, Hyland seemed to not care about what people say, and she shouldn't because everyone's got their own battles to face.

But while she is a TV personality and her posts are subject to public scrutiny, she isn't afraid to defend herself and lash out against her haters. In May last year, people started criticizing her weight loss, with some saying it wasn't healthy at all and others going too far in saying that she's promoting anorexia.

"My circumstances have put me in a place where I'm not in control of what my body looks like. So I strive to be as healthy as possible, as everyone should," Hyland explained via her Twitter.

Rest From Work

Meanwhile, just last month, Hyland had to take a rest from work because she had to undergo hospitalization for a yet-undisclosed concern. After which, she updated her fans with a selfie for the National Selfie Day.

She explained that health should be prioritized at all cost. In another Story, Hyland said her dog seemed to already have a wind that something was wrong with her the day before she was hospitalized on the set of The Wedding Year.

Thankfully, she has an avid supporter in the name of Wells Adams, who had always been there for her though her tough battles. After news about her girlfriend's hospitalization spread like wildfire, the actor, who was reported to be in Mexico at the time as he was filming, took to social media to say he misses his girl.

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