Khloe Kardashian and French Montana Back Together? Kylie Jenner And Tyga Spotted On Double Date With her Sister And The Rapper


Kardashian and Montana went to The Forum in Inglewood to see the Chris Brown/Tyga concert according to TMZ. Rumors of Jenner and Tyga dating have been roaming around despite the fact that they deny it. However even Kanye West claims that they are in love.

Odom's ex-wife and the rapper were last together earlier this month in Key West for a few days and were caught returning to the airport by a few photographers.

Despite trying to win his wife back, Odom claims to love the idea of Kardashian and Montana together and is not jealous that the two are dating.

"Lamar loves that Khloe spends all of her time with French. He's not mad. The more time she spends with him, the better. Lamar thinks that the more she's around French, the quicker she will realize that he's a tool and not someone who she could ever take seriously" said a source to Hollywood Life. "Lamar thinks French is a leech. Lamar has never for a minute been threatened or intimidated by this dude."

It appears that Odom is waiting for Kardashian to realize what's obvious to him before she finally admits she wants to be back with her former husband.

"Khloe doesn't even respect French. She loves that he dines her, takes her on exotic vacations and spends a fortune on her," continued the source. "She loves all of that, but at the end of the day, French is not getting in her panties - Lamar is. And that's the difference. Lamar loves that French does all the leg work by spoiling Khloe. But when it comes to her heart and laying down the pipe, that's when Lamar shuts it down! French is all games for Khloe. That's it and that's all."

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