Blondes vs. Brunettes: Hair Myths or Facts About Who Has More Fun

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After our piece on blondes versus brunettes, we decided to compile the most common myths and/or facts about these hair colors with a little help from experts over at Cool Blades.

No matter which side you play for, caring for your color-treated tresses is a must. From regular salon stylist consultations, deep conditioning, glossing treatments, and preventing hair from going green in a chlorine pool, there's no getting around the maintenance on either side of the hair dye.

If you missed our tips on how to care for both blonde and brunette, check it out here.

It doesn't seem like the age old question that pits these two hues against each other will ever be solved, but why not lay out the so called facts that seem to power or plague the tresses of each opposing team.

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- Of course blondes are said to have more fun

- Studies have even said blondes earn up to 7% more on average

- Blonde waitresses earn more tips

- They are said to be more approachable

- Team blonde tends to get offered more help

- Stereotypically perceived to be more attractive

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- Are perceived as more worldly and mature

- Brunettes are believed to be more self sufficient

- Team brunette is perceived to be more serious

- Brunettes get touted often for being more intelligent

- Viewed as marriage material

- Stereotypically viewed as less approachable

Agree? Disagree? Got any more to add to either list? Tell us with a note!

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